Septic Tanks

  • Made from 100% virgin LLDPE
  • A threaded led covers the tank and does not warp, therefore there is no access to lizards, mosquitoes, etc.
  • New state molds for perfect molding of tanks stainless steel molds for perfect molding of tanks.
  • Inner layer is a food  grade whitener, titanium di oxide which is safe for your family.
  • double layered
  • strong design with right proportion of material for the tank size to give longer life.
  • continuous ribbed design
  • 30 years expected life span
  • UV protected outside and inside hence tank will not get damaged even of the lid is left open
  • no maintenance is required as there is no rusting due to non corrosive material and no screws
2,000Ltr Septic Tank 175cm x 140cm x 175cm
3,000Ltr Septic Tank 211cm x 155cm x 180cm

*5,000ltrs & 10,000ltrs available on special order

You can download the documentation here:Horizontal Septic Tank Installation Guide