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  • Smileplast Limited is a Ugandan-based company engaged in manufacturing and trading of plastic and steel products. Founded in 2011, Smileplast currently produces a wide range of hardware tools, steel products, galvanized products, roofing sheet insulation rolls, PVC Conduits, Plumbing Pipes, Trucking and our flagship products being the Smile Tanks.

    You can download our product catalog here:COMPANY PRODUCT CATALOGUE

Our Vision

To become the benchmark manufacturing company for the plastic and steel industry in East Africa providing world-class products to satisfied customers
through continuous improvement driven by the integrity, teamwork and creativity of our people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce and continually develop quality products at a competitive price while fostering a climate where environmental technologies can
thrive. We will always strive to service our customer with the utmost integrity, and to their complete satisfaction.

Our Values

Life, Health and Environment


Quality Assurance

Smileplast is using State of the Art German machinery and technology giving our products superior quality and strength. We also use 100% food grade virgin material ensuring the safety of our products when it comes to hygiene, health and sanitation..

In this Direction, Our Quality Policies are:

  • Providing customer satisfaction by delivering the best products on time with a quality beyond customer expectations.
  • Adopting total quality management as a lifestyle and carrying out all its activities accordingly to ensure the production.
  • Inspecting our products with the continuous improvement principle and making necessary corrections / improvements.
  • To meet the training needs of the employees to support continuous improvement and to ensure effectiveness.
  • To be a well-respected reliable company in the market.
  • Be sensitive to the environment in all our activities.
  • Act in accordance with local and international standards in the production process to achieve the determined quality targets
    of our products.
  • Ensuring that the Quality Management System is adopted by all employees and updated in accordance with their progress
    in the process.
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