GI Pipes

Smileplast Ltd maintains heavy stock of all kind s of sizes of G.I Pipes
Range of G.I PIPES available in Stock at Smileplast are:
G.I PIPES : ½ Inch x 5.8mtrs
¾ Inch x 5.8mtrs
1 Inch x 5.8mtrs
1 ¼ Inch x 5.8mtrs
1 ½ Inch x 5.8mtrs
2 Inch x 5.8mtrs
2 ½ Inch x 5.8mtrs
3 Inch x 5.8mtrs
4 Inch x 5.8mtrs
Material Grade : As per all National & International standards


GI or galvanized iron (GI) pipe is basically the process of coating a metal with zinc, also known as galvanization. Due to this process of coating the metal whether steel or iron becomes more improved than traditional metal. Therefore stainless steel or iron pipes that go through galvanization become more productive and are usually preferred over pipes made from PVC, plastic or ABS.

Piping accessory that is fabricated through the process of galvanization is mainly preferred for application in larger construction projects. Irrigation, sewage treatment plants and factories are some other popular areas where such pipes find widespread application.

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